Do I need to sign a contract with Clean Start Co?

No. There is no contract to be signed or any upfront payments when initiating residential cleaning services through Clean Start Co.

How are cleaners being screened at Clean Start Co?

A face to face interview is scheduled with every successful applicant who applied for a cleaning position with Clean Start Co.  During the named interview a general idea is formed about each applicant’s presentation, attitude, communication ability and house cleaning experience and their honesty, reliability and suitability for a possible position with Clean Start Co. is assessed.  Prospective cleaners also need to present a valid National Police Clearance certificate, a number of identifying documentation (driver’s license, visa, proof of eligibility to work in Australia etc.), reference information and information in regards to their house cleaning skills, qualification and experience. References are later contacted to confirm each prospective cleaner’s character.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning products and equipment for a house cleaning service?

Yes. With our house cleaning services, Clean Start Co. provides the cleaner only.  We believe that our clients will experience a number of benefits from providing their own cleaning products and equipment during cleaning services (please refer to Products & Equipment).  However, with our office/small business cleaning services, Clean Start Co's cleaners can come fully equipped with their own cleaning products and equipment, depending on each client's personal preference and agreement with Clean Start Co.

How many hours would I require for my cleaning service?

The amount of time required to clean your home, will depend on a number of factors:

  • The size and type of your property (apartment, single story, double story etc.) 
  • The number of rooms in your property (bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas etc.) 
  • Your floor type (carpets, timber, tiles etc.) 
  • The state of your house (naturally the cleaner your home when we arrive, the less time will be required to clean)
  • What you want to be done (a quick clean, an in depth clean, extra duties like ironing and making of beds etc.) 
  • The number and ages of people living on your property (toddlers, children, teenagers, adults) 
  • Whether you have pets living inside your house
  • Your budget 

After discussing the lay-out of your property and your personal cleaning needs with you, we will give an estimate on the number of hours required to clean your home.  However, the final decision about the time allocated to your residential cleaning service still lies with you!!  Although it is important to keep in mind that your domestic cleaner can’t be expected to attend to all the checklist cleaning duties if there is not enough time allocated to allow her to do so, our services are flexible and we can compile a cleaning plan that focus on your personal priority areas and still fit in with your cleaning budget.

Do you have a minimum time allowed for a cleaning service?

Yes. At Clean Start Co. we offer a minimum of 2 hours home cleaning services. However, it is important to keep in mind that this might not allow enough time for a full, in depth house clean (depending on all factors named above). 

What is expected from me before my cleaner arrives?

A quick, general "tidy up" or “pack away”. Your cleaner will be wasting precious time (which you are paying for) when she needs to wash a huge amount of dishes or has to move clothes, books, toys and other things around in order to clean the surfaces underneath them.  Also make sure that you have all the necessary, appropriate cleaning products in place and that your cleaning equipment is in good working condition in order to assist your allocated domestic cleaner to achieve the best possible result.

Do I need to be home during a cleaning service?

No.  Special arrangements can be made for your allocated domestic cleaner to gain access to your house if you are not home. You might leave your house key in an agreed safe location or arrange for a third party to open your house for her. If you anticipate not to be present during your initial cleaning service, it is important to communicate all relevant information in regards to your cleaning needs, cleaning products and equipment, special cleaning methods required for certain surfaces etc. with Clean Start Co. before your cleaning date. Clean Start Co. will communicate all relevant information with your allocated domestic cleaner. 

Will I have the same cleaner with every cleaning service?

Yes. We will aim to allocate a regular house cleaner to you when you initiate regular cleaning services through Clean Start Co. She will be scheduled to offer cleaning services to you on the same day and time every week or fortnight, as booked by you.

What happens if my regular cleaner is off sick?

In the unforeseen circumstances that prevents a domestic cleaner from attending to her usual regular cleaning duties, you will be informed with as much notice as possible and the following options will be available to you:

  • We can book a relief domestic cleaner to perform your scheduled house cleaning service (if possible); 
  • We can reschedule your house cleaning service for another day with your allocated domestic cleaner (if she is available to do so);
  • We can reschedule your house cleaning service for another day with a relief domestic worker, should your allocated cleaner not be available on another day; or 
  • You may decide to wait for your next scheduled house cleaning service with your allocated domestic cleaner.

What happens if I am unhappy with my allocated domestic cleaner for some reason?

At Clean Start Co. we strive for customer satisfaction and we encourage any feedback (positive or negative) from our clients. Please contact us if you are experiencing any problems or are unhappy with the domestic cleaner we have allocated to you. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will discreetly arrange to replace your cleaner with a new one.

How can I pay for services?

An invoice will be send to you by email after every cleaning service.  Payments to Clean Start Co. can be made by:

  • Transferring the invoiced amount into Clean Start Co.'s bank account before your next cleaning service; or
  • Direct debit - your account will be debited with the invoiced amount (plus 1.5% surcharges) once your cleaner confirmed the hours worked for you.

Does Clean Start Co. offers a pensioners discount?

Absolutely!  Clean Start Co. offers a 5% discount to pensioners on our house cleaning services.